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FAW Xichai Beijing Tianjin Hebei forklift power promotion conference was held grandly

FAW Xichai Beijing Tianjin Hebei forklift power promotion conference was held grandly

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work with "core" to improve the future! FAW Xichai not only has a leading position in the domestic market, but also will occupy a place in the international market. Recently, the FAW Xichai Beijing Tianjin Hebei forklift power promotion conference was held in Baoding, Hebei

it is understood that FAW Xichai has always focused on the R & D and manufacturing of engines. It has a number of invention patents and mastered the key core technologies of engines. It can be said that it is a power expert in the field of engines in China. It has successively won the honorary titles of "pioneer enterprise in the internal combustion engine industry", "national quality award encouragement Award", "China quality integrity enterprise", "China machinery industry brand competitiveness commendation enterprise", "national 'Ankang Cup' competition winner", "national 100 excellent parts suppliers", etc

FAW Xichai engine has high reliability, leading technology, strong power and low consumption

Aowei products are the strategic product segments of FAW Xichai, covering three series of engines: n, m and L. As the first four valve diesel engine with independent intellectual property rights and international advanced level in China, Aowei products provide core power and solid guarantee for trucks, buses and non road machinery with its new development and design concept. Aowei products have many characteristics, such as leading technology, strong power, safety and reliability, energy saving and low consumption, exquisite quality and so on

HENGWEI products are an important product segment of FAW Xichai, covering two series of F and K engines. HENGWEI products have fully absorbed the international advanced technology, established the main distribution position in the medium power market, and are the ideal power for medium and light trucks, buses and non road machinery. HENGWEI products have made fruitful improvements in the durability, reliability and applicability of the products, which are characterized by durability, reliability and strong market applicability

Conway products are the basic products of FAW Xichai, covering two series of X and W engines. Conway products have good performance and strong adaptability. They are the preferred power for light trucks, light buses and non road machinery. Conway products are characterized by high cost performance, stable quality, high energy efficiency and high quality

FAW Xichai "fine core service" and strict quality assurance system

under the background of increasingly homogeneous products, service is an important competitive factor. FAW Xichai's employees have a heart to heart relationship with the users. They can wholeheartedly take out and install the spare fuse for the users. In order to pursue the perfection of service quality and service process, they keep improving. Escorting all the way, FAW Xichai has specialized services all over the country. To create a brand after-sales service with "core service", FAW Xichai has 1918 authorized service points

FAW Xichai has established the brand of "core service" in an all-round way from the aspects of skills, facilities, accessories, speed and attitude, formed the service characteristics of specialization, standardization and integrity, cooperated with the majority of vehicle manufacturers, dealers and service providers, and provided high-quality services to the majority of users with exquisite technology, lean process and sincere attitude, Make "Jingxin service" a new benchmark for the service brand in the engine industry

FAW Xichai has a solid foundation for quality management and has implemented management measures in place. In 2004, it passed the iso/ts1 compound annual growth rate of 85%6949 quality management system certification. According to the requirements of the quality management system, FAW Xichai has established strict quality control standards. The suppliers of spare parts and materials for locomotive trunk shall all adopt class a suppliers with the highest physical quality and management quality. Strengthen the warehousing inspection of spare parts and components to achieve 100% inspection before warehousing of each batch. The assembly of accessories adopts the process and equipment produced by the host to ensure the assembly quality. With the guarantee of the above quality control measures, users can buy authentic FAW Xichai accessories that let you rest assured

the internationally advanced close drying technology is adopted, with uniform size and wall thickness, no internal stress and deformation. The stiffeners are reasonably arranged, which improve the strength and stiffness of the machine body and reduce vibration and noise. The imported composite film sand hot core shooting technology is adopted to ensure that the water chamber air passage is convenient for sand removal, accurate in size, smooth in inner wall, smooth in water flow, no heating in cylinder head and low in water temperature. The cylinder head is crack resistant, high temperature resistant, vibration resistant and crack free. The crankshaft is continuous, and the nodular cast iron crankshaft is used for medium and small power diesel engines, with surface strengthening treatment, wear resistance and fatigue resistance; Alloy steel crankshaft is adopted for more than 200 horsepower. It is integrally forged, rounded and quenched. It is integrally nitrided and durable. Four sets of the best, according to the installed technology testing group packaging, users use fast and convenient

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