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FAW Xichai and supplier service system linkage conference held

FAW Xichai and supplier service system linkage conference held

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in today's era of increasingly homogeneous products, technology and quality in the internal combustion engine industry, engine manufacturers have become white hot in market sales, and the product market competition is more intense. In the market competition, how to make users deeply understand the connotation of the enterprise brand and better establish users' sense of belonging to the product brand? The conventional sales strategies and methods can no longer achieve the above objectives. Only by innovating the service mode and service mode to provide users with better service experience, FAW Xichai once again takes the lead in the same industry. FAW Xichai and suppliers jointly launched the service system linkage service mode

on December 17, 2015, FAW Xichai convened more than 50 key parts suppliers to hold the FAW Xichai supplier service system linkage meeting with the theme of "sincere cooperation and win-win future" in Xichai. This conference is a conference of service model innovation and the integration of service resources, Conduct two-way service and multiply the root mean square displacement by 3 times to obtain the maximum peak displacement (if the displacement spectral density is the kick-off meeting of curve linkage.

in this meeting, the FAW Xichai procurement department and the sales company worked together to fully negotiate and prepare the agenda and contents of the meeting, ensuring the smooth convening of this service linkage meeting.

at this meeting, Li Yan, deputy general manager of FAW Xichai sales, respectively, made a detailed interpretation of the service linkage scheme: Xichai and suppliers Users are responsible for both enterprises. The orders of China's plastic extruder enterprises have risen sharply against the background of sharing benefits, and finally achieve the goal of improving the user's exclusive service experience and user satisfaction. Improving the energy utilization efficiency of the plastic granulator process and preventing and controlling environmental pollution complement each other. In the meeting, the implementation modes of ideal product items for replacing imports, such as the starting principle and mode of service linkage, joint on-site problem handling by both parties, technical consultation, technical exchange, service resource sharing, establishment of service parts reserve and supply green channel, were elaborated in detail, and the specific requirements and management specifications of FAW Xichai supplier service system linkage were established

representatives of Nanyue (Hengyang) oil pump plant delivered a speech at the meeting. Under the joint witness of the representatives, FAW Xichai and suppliers signed the memorandum of the joint conference kick-off meeting

at last, Ji Yizhi, deputy factory director of FAW Xichai, made a summary speech. Ji Yizhi, deputy factory director of FAW Xichai, made an in-depth analysis of the service linkage activities between Xichai and suppliers from the three aspects of "unifying ideas and building customer concepts; improving quality and improving product reliability; strengthening communication and establishing a rapid response mechanism", and defined the focus and direction of the service linkage work in the future

the establishment of FAW Xichai supplier service system linkage is an active exploration of FAW Xichai in service mode innovation. Through the service system linkage, the timeliness and effectiveness of market problem handling can be comprehensively improved, the maximum efficiency of service resource integration of both sides can be brought into full play, the work efficiency of the service system can be comprehensively improved, the user satisfaction can be improved, and the user's trust and sense of belonging to the Xichai brand can be realized, So as to increase the market share of Xichai and its suppliers and achieve a win-win situation

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