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Fear: disposable tableware (III)

as early as 1999, the State Economic and Trade Commission issued a document to stop the production and use of disposable foamed plastic tableware, requiring that white garbage be banned before 2000, and advocating the use of degradable paper environmental friendly lunch boxes. However, the actual situation is that producers still produce and users still use. In 2001, the State Economic and Trade Commission required local catering enterprises to immediately stop using disposable foamed plastic tableware, and those who refused to implement the regulations and continue to use disposable foamed plastic tableware will be punished. But it has been repeatedly prohibited. In may2003, Shenyang issued local regulations to prohibit the production, sale and use of ultra-thin plastic bags, and to ban ultra-thin plastic bags with a thickness of less than 0.06mm. Then, Shenyang Environmental Protection Bureau also suggested to the municipal government that a special leading group for white pollution control should be established to take charge of the "white ban" work. However, the report was not approved by the government, and the massive "white ban" battle did not produce the expected results. Due to the lack of unified dispatching, all departments involved are just fighting alone in their respective fields. The "white decree" has not been fully implemented in practical work, and in fact it has become a dead letter

why are there no orders or prohibitions

people may find some answers to serve the public from the collapse of two large pulp tableware enterprises with an investment of tens of millions in Shenyang. The original Shenyang tianbaihe green packaging products Co., Ltd. started construction in October, 1999. At that time, the production scale was to produce 120 million lunch boxes per year. At one time, more than 400 workers affected the test results. As an environmentally friendly lunch box manufacturer that passed the inspection and approval of the government, its survival time was only more than one year, and it became "yellow" during the Spring Festival in 2001. Talking about the reasons for the collapse, Wang Tao, the general manager of the company, felt helpless about the disordered competition in the fast food box Market: "there is no competition. It is not at a starting point, let alone competition. Anyone can do it, and anyone can sell it. What can we do? Even though the government issued No. 7 order to prohibit the production, sales and use of non degradable lunch boxes, the later market supervision did not keep up, and our factory naturally could not do it."

at present, there are not many regular manufacturers of environment-friendly lunch boxes in Shenyang, among which there are many black processing sites without production licenses and food hygiene licenses. About 80% of the products sold in the market are "three noes" products without factory name, address, production date, etc. However, no matter the market management department or other administrative law enforcement departments, they all hold the attitude of "one eye open, one eye closed" and let it go. No wonder some people ask: how can such a competitive environment allow regular enterprises to survive? Shenyang tianbaihe green packaging products Co., Ltd., located in the Development Zone, is still in the state of shutdown. Wang Tao, the general manager, said to him that he did not want to give up this industry and switch to production and operation. In his words: "if the external market environment is better, maybe we will do this again."

what is the reason for "survival of the fittest"? In a market economy society, survival of the fittest seems to be an irrefutable truth for an enterprise or a product. However, this "truth" is not a universal truth. At least, it is not easy to use in China's current disposable tableware market. The fate of Shenyang tianbaihe green packaging products Co., Ltd. mentioned above is not an individual phenomenon. In Dalian, there are two large-scale regular disposable lunch box manufacturers. One of them exports all its products and lives a comfortable life; And another enterprise is full of bitterness, because the product quality is good, the price is relatively high, and the sales in the market are not prosperous. At present, it can only be used by a well-known local fast food chain. In addition, there is no sales channel, and there is no large-scale marketing. In the words of Wang, the owner of the fast-food box, "no matter how good the quality is, the price is too expensive. I can't sell it. What do you say I do with it?" So, what causes the embarrassment and helplessness of enterprises and the market? Caused the production and flooding of disposable toxic lunch boxes

Yang Gengshen of China Youth Daily wrote in his book can disposable lunch boxes be cured at one time The article raised a rather sharp question: "how much harm caused to human body by meal boxes containing prohibited carcinogens can be eliminated by national compulsory certification? Even if such questioning is shelved, we still have to ask whether the implementation of national compulsory certification can bring 'one-time cure'?" One of the key elements for this series to reach ultra-high definition is the question mark of the semiconductor string, which can be said to be enlightening. The author pointedly pointed out in the article: "where there are a large number of enterprises producing toxic disposable lunch boxes, it is a fact that the rule of law and market supervision mechanism have collapsed in a large area." People have no doubt that since there are such loopholes in the legal system and market supervision mechanism, how can we expect the compulsory certification system for enterprises to make up for the lack of the legal system and market mechanism

the author quoted an article published in Qilu Evening News on November 2 and disclosed such a fact: "dongjinshi, deputy director of China Packaging Resources Comprehensive Utilization Committee, confirmed that relevant departments have covered up important information such as' 50% of disposable tableware is unqualified 'for five years!" A glimpse of the leopard from the inside. The problems disclosed in CCTV's weekly quality report are by no means an individual phenomenon. The figures obtained by authoritative departments through open and secret visits for several consecutive years and the latest spot check results also fully illustrate the long-standing harm that inferior disposable lunch boxes have brought to Chinese people's health. Just think: if the media and the public did not relentlessly ask and boldly disclose the truth about disposable lunch boxes, how long would toxic tableware be harmed? No wonder people of insight say this: this issue fully reveals the disregard of the relevant departments for the national right to know and the right to health. At the same time, it also reveals one of the most basic propositions in the market economy, that is, the absence of public management is more harmful than the profit seeking of bad enterprises. The right to know means that citizens have the right to know about important national decisions, important government affairs and major events in the society that are closely related to the rights and interests of ordinary citizens. Protecting citizens' right to know is not only an inevitable requirement to respect people's rights, but also a guarantee to stabilize society and eliminate negative effects. The SARS incident two years ago has fully proved the importance of citizens' right to know and information disclosure. In this sense, the disposable tableware incident is a regrettable setback on the road to building a sunshine government

the high disqualification rate of disposable tableware and its long-term harm to public health have once again revealed a long-standing conclusion in a profound way, that is, in the market, only perfect rule of law and complete market supervision mechanism can be relied on. In mind, as an internationally accepted management method, national compulsory certification is not without something to look forward to. In the early stage of market economy, Chinese food plastic packaging products enterprises will inevitably go through a period of primitive and extensive, lacking of evaluation criteria. However, the above reasons cannot be the reason for relevant functional departments to abandon their duties and ignore the public health right and the right to know. Otherwise, even if there are relevant mandatory standards and management methods in line with international standards, what can we do

no matter for the disposable lunch box industry or for the disposable lunch box consumers, the disaster and impact brought by disposable lunch boxes will never be one-time, let alone transient. We just hope that the lessons learned by the society and the safety tips will not be one-off or short-lived. The consumption of disposable tableware is amazing, and "half of the tableware is unqualified" undoubtedly has a huge impact, which requires the government to pay close attention to and spend great efforts to actively rectify. However, the rampant existence of "workshop leftover materials, beverage bottles, medical plastic garbage, pesticide bottles... As long as they are plastic, they can be recycled by illegal manufacturers to make disposable tableware" is by no means frozen in a day. Since the relevant departments have conducted special spot checks and performed the functions of the government, they should promptly tell the public the truth. If we don't do this, we won't get social whipping and transparent supervision. How can we quickly provide citizens with a qualified disposable tableware? Far from it, in the past two years, the media has reported many "sensational" major cases of making and selling fake goods. From poisonous rice to poisonous ham; From toxic milk powder to toxic food packaging, this "crisis prone" living environment has clearly shown that legal supervision and timely announcement are also the key to reflect the "Three Represents"

certification standards urgently need to be issued

why are harmful disposable plastic tableware rampant everywhere, thus bringing major hidden dangers to the health and safety of Chinese people? Dongjinshi, an environmental chemistry expert and deputy director of China Packaging Resources Comprehensive Utilization Committee, said that one of the most important reasons was the lack of regulatory standards and regulatory gaps. The state has only promulgated the hygienic standard for polypropylene shaped products, but there is no clear provision for disposable plastic tableware, which makes the relevant departments at a loss and do not know what standard to test. In addition, unscrupulous vendors, regardless of conscience, contribute to the flames in order to reduce costs,

has formed such a chaotic situation today

in the face of the problems raised by the media, dongjinshi bluntly showed five major drawbacks:

first, "there are too many monks to ring the bell.". Dongjinshi said that there is no special organization to manage disposable plastic tableware. The health department is in charge of the environment, the quality inspection department is in charge of the manufacturers, and the industry and Commerce Department is in charge of the market. However, the most critical use link has become a "three no care" area. The responsibility is unclear, and in the end no one cares, which directly leads to the current chaotic state

second, the relevant standards are not sound. Dongjinshi said that although the state has promulgated the hygienic standard for polypropylene shaped products, there is no clear provision for disposable plastic tableware, which often makes the relevant departments at a loss as to what standard to test. It is urgent to establish a relevant standard system, bring the production enterprises of disposable plastic tableware into the scope of national control, and quickly put them on the right track through compulsory certification

third, the "qualified" signboard is readily available. "Now many enterprises come up with false test reports." Dongjinshi said that during the investigation, they found that many manufacturers producing low-quality products have quality qualification certificates. Many of them took copies of other people's test reports and wrote their own names. This is not only to attract customers, but also to pass the inspection. Many local departments have given the green light, so that these "black accounts" with fake signs can live in dignity

the fourth is to "degrade" into amulets. Dongjinshi said that the words "degradable tableware" are printed on many disposable plastic tableware, which is completely confusing. At present, domestic disposable plastic tableware can not meet the degradation requirements, and some degradable raw materials can not be made into lunch boxes due to material problems

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