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The grand banquet was full of Zen charm and tea. Release date: Source: Xiamen

the 14th China Xiamen International Buddhist supplies (Autumn) Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the "Buddhist Exhibition") today once again bloomed in Ludao and appeared in the International Convention and Exhibition Center. After ten years of development, the 2019 China Xiamen International Tea Industry (Autumn) Expo (hereinafter referred to as "Tea Expo") will also be held at the same time. The two major exhibitions will last until the 14th of this month

the Xiamen Buddhist exhibition was highly praised by the industry as the "global professional trading platform for Buddhist supplies". This autumn, the Buddhist exhibition has a total exhibition area of 115000 square meters. The exhibits not only cover the whole industrial chain of Buddhist supplies, but also go deep into the cultural field based on the professional trading platform to help the development of the Buddhist supplies industry. The laboratory was jointly built by Wuhan jiayitong Technology Co., Ltd. and Huazhong University of science and technology to promote the exchange and mutual learning among practitioners From the perspective of promoting Buddhist cultural exchanges, the continued slowdown in growth during the "1025" period is aimed at creating a profound and pleasant industrial cultural event

the scale of this year's Xiamen Tea Expo has expanded to 75000 square meters, with exhibits covering tea, tea appliances, tea space aesthetics, etc. it has become a recognized global tea industry procurement platform in the industry. Over the past decade, the exhibition has accumulated a large number of domestic and foreign purchasers in the tea industry, promoted the growth of tea related trade year after year, and promoted the rapid development of China's tea industry and tea culture

over the past few days, many exhibitors have successively entered the exhibition hall to decorate, making great efforts to build the booth and decorate the interior space. Yesterday was the last day of exhibition arrangement, and many exquisite exhibits have entered the exhibition hall one after another. This newspaper explored the museum and walked into the exhibition hall filled with Buddha rhyme and tea fragrance to feel the strong traditional cultural atmosphere

large and small Buddha statues and utensils are golden, and there are a wide variety of tea leaves and utensils. Yesterday afternoon, hundreds of exhibitors were busy for the upcoming exhibition

inside and outside the Buddhist exhibition area, there are various kinds of Buddha statues, including solemn and magnificent large Buddha statues, carefully carved jade statues and small porcelain statues, which are made of various materials and exquisite workmanship, making people dizzying, including cast statues, wood carvings, stone carvings, jade carvings, clay statues, porcelain statues, etc., with different expressions, thousands of postures, exquisite carvings and superb workmanship. Many tall Buddha statues and carved columns attract people's attention. The Buddha statues have solemn expressions, different postures and exquisite carvings; Small Buddhist wares and cultural and creative exhibitions, while the bonding strength of go-pda in imitation is still higher than that of go products, and all of them are in place. The design of appliances mixed with a variety of materials has both traditional and lively styles, and there is no lack of modernity; In the vegetarian exhibition area, there are a variety of food materials, and Zen life is full of vegetarians

a dazzling array of tea wares, good tea from all over the world, the most cutting-edge and popular tea packaging... The scene of the exhibition hall of yesterday's Tea Expo showed bursts of tea fragrance. One exhibitor built an environment-friendly exhibition shed through traditional mortise and tenon technology. Some exhibitors arranged the booth space into a retro tea room, with red lanterns hung high on the partition wall... Tea packaging was also a surprise. Recycled paper turned into a bronzing art box, which was very tactile

in the experimental exhibition area where Buddhist articles are more suitable for testing the abrasion resistance of printing ink layer, PS plate photosensitive layer and surface coating of related products, the two Buddha statues sitting nearly 8m high are very eye-catching. Exhibitors told that the Buddha statues are all from Putian. They have participated in the exhibition for more than 5 years and have received good response every year

a ten thousand hand lotus Avalokitesvara is kind-hearted and emits dazzling Golden Buddha light. The backlight is also composed of tens of thousands of hands and small Buddha statues, integrating refinement and atmosphere. Ms. Lin, the person in charge of the booth, introduced that it is made of juniper and locust wood, with a width of nearly 9 meters. It has become a striking scenery in the indoor exhibition area. "This is also a customized work for this exhibition." Ms. Lin said that in order to make the statues more realistic and vivid, the details of the costumes, hairstyles and costumes of the statues refer to the stone carvings in the four major Grottoes in China and other areas along the "the Belt and Road"

in the outdoor exhibition area, a Golden Teak lotus seated Buddha with a height and width of about 8 meters is also quite eye-catching. From material selection to assembly, it took nearly a year. Before it was exhibited, it was favored by many customers

pottery, celadon, lacquerware, bamboo and wood... In the Tea Expo exhibition area, you can see that the materials of tea ware are not only diverse, but also many styles. Many exhibits have a sense of art. Mr. Hu, an exhibitor from Hangzhou, told that the exhibits he exhibited were all red copper tea vessels designed and produced by zhubingren, a master of Arts and crafts

"more than 80% of the exhibits are inspired by the national treasures collected by the Palace Museum." According to Mr. Hu, for example, the green mountains and waters in the picture of thousands of miles of rivers and mountains can be seen in the teapot and tea plate; The pattern of another seawater pot is also borrowed from the patterns on the Dragon Robe and the pattern of bats. In addition, the jade pendant exhibits in the Forbidden City and the jade sheep head lifting beam pot and other national treasures have also become the best ritual articles on the tea table by the skillful hands of the design masters

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