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Juxian Taotie 2012 annual high temperature resistant coating

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Juxian Taotie 2012 annual high temperature resistant coating

december 27, 2012

[China coating information] the development of new energy, biotechnology, information and other new technology industries is unusual all over the world, and greater efforts are made to support the development of emerging industries by investing manpower, physics, material technology, chemical technology and what equipment? Whether it is equipment or not depends on the noise situation of the equipment. Modern high and new technologies such as information technology, bioengineering technology, energy technology, nanotechnology, environmental protection technology, space technology, computer technology, marine engineering technology, engineering and process, logistics and their overall industrial support should be vigorously developed to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and national scientific and technological strength

the development of chemical technology closely follows the tide of the times. As a prominent representative of chemical technology, the research and development of high-temperature coatings requires professional technical experts, takes a long time to develop, consumes a large amount of funds, and needs supporting large-scale professional laboratories and supporting high-temperature experimental equipment. The successful collective research and development of high-temperature coatings represents that the scientific and technological level of an enterprise or even a country has reached a certain level

as a key enterprise supported by the Beijing municipal government, it has organized a number of chemical experts, material experts, information technology experts, nanotechnology and other experts. After years of research and development, Beijing Zhisheng Weihua Chemical Co., Ltd., a large domestic professional high temperature resistant coating enterprise, has presented a feast of high temperature resistant coatings at the end of 2012, making the fireworks of Chemical Technology bloom again

using science and technology to build products and facts to speak, Zhisheng Weihua researchers have gradually increased the temperature resistance of high-temperature coating from 1100 ℃ to 3000 ℃. The high-temperature resistant solution specially made by Zhisheng Weihua is used, which has high temperature resistance and stable coating work. Other parameters and indicators of the coating are also innovated, surpassing the international advanced technical level. A number of innovative scientific research technologies have overcome the world's chemical and material problems, applied for a number of world patents, and also brought revolutionary changes to other industrial production. At the end of 2012, the high-temperature resistant coating was presented to everyone

1. High temperature resistant thermal insulation coating: ZS-1 high temperature resistant thermal insulation coating is made of Weihua special high temperature solution, with a temperature resistance of 1800 ℃. It can directly face the flame for a long time. The thermal conductivity of the coating is only 0.03w/m.k, and the inhibition efficiency of thermal insulation can reach about 90%

2. High temperature expansion and thermal insulation coating: zs-11 expansion and high temperature resistance thermal insulation coating is the unique inorganic expansion technology of Zhisheng Weihua. The coating can expand after heating. The volume expansion rate of the coating can reach more than 5 times, and the temperature resistance of the coating can reach 2000 ℃. The thermal conductivity of the fully expanded coating has reached 0.022w/m.k (measured at 70 ℃ and the coating is cooled)

3. Transparent high temperature resistant thermal insulation coating: zs-322 high temperature resistant transparent thermal insulation coating can reach 2000 ℃ and the thermal conductivity can reach 0.035w/m.k (measured at 70 ℃)

4. High temperature self impact strength is the clean non stick coating obtained by dividing the impact energy (in J or ft lb) by the thickness of the sample: zs-522 Zhisheng high temperature self-cleaning non stick coating has a long-term temperature resistance of 2000 ℃ and can be painted on the surface of various high-temperature smelting equipment to prevent adhesion of various high-temperature smelting solutions

5. High temperature resistant anti-corrosion coating: zs-811 high temperature water-based anti-corrosion functional coating, with temperature resistance up to 1700 ℃, good corrosion resistance, high hardness and impact resistance

6. Ceramic high-temperature anti-corrosion coating: zs-822 composite ceramic high-temperature anti-corrosion coating, based on the five-year research and development achievements of Zhisheng Weihua company, has a temperature resistance of 1400 ℃, a strong acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and a high-temperature corrosion resistance in organic solvents

7. High temperature resistant sealing coating: zs-1021 high temperature resistant sealing coating, with high temperature resistance to 1700 ℃, dense and hard coating, good waterproof sealing performance and oxidation resistance

8. Ultra high temperature metal anti-oxidation coating: zs-1023 ultra-high temperature metal anti-oxidation coating, the latest R & D achievements of Zhisheng Weihua, has a long-term ultra-high temperature resistance of 3000 ℃, which can well protect metals from oxidation and corrosion at high temperatures

9. Flue high temperature coating: zs-1041 flue gas anti-corrosion functional coating is specially painted on the chimney and flue, with a temperature resistance of 600 ℃

10. Protective coating for kiln lining: zs-1022 protective coating for kiln lining is made of Zhisheng Weihua special high-temperature film-forming solution with a temperature resistance of 1800 ℃, which can effectively protect the kiln lining materials from corrosion, wear, oxidation and crisping

11. High temperature resistant transparent anti heat coating: zs-1051 high temperature resistant transparent flame retardant anti oxidation coating, with temperature resistance up to 1700 ℃, good flame retardant and anti oxidation effect

12. High temperature resistant far-infrared radiation coating: zs-1061 high temperature resistant far-infrared coating can reach 1700 ℃ and strong emissivity (0.95), which can make the fuel burn more fully, increase the thermal efficiency, greatly improve the thermal efficiency of refractory materials, reduce energy consumption, save energy and extend the service life of furnace lining

13. High temperature resistant adhesive: zs-1071 high temperature resistant inorganic adhesive can reach 1800 ℃ and has high bonding strength

14. High temperature resistant insulating coating: zs-1091 high temperature resistant ceramic insulating coating, temperature resistant 12. Adopting hydraulic automatic clamping mechanism 700 ℃, the ceramic coating can withstand strong current and electric field without breakdown, with high volume resistance and high dielectric constant

2012 is coming to an end, the technology giant is surging forward, and the scientific and technological innovation ability has become the most critical embodiment of national strength. In the era of economic globalization, a country with strong scientific and technological innovation ability can be in a high-end position in the world industrial division chain, can create new industries to activate the national economy, and can have important independent intellectual property rights to lead the development of society

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