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The decoration industry has exploded again, and the rebate is unexpectedly so high

after the decoration of a suite of about 100 square meters, in addition to the decoration cost, there are 20000 to 30000 yuan flowing into the pocket of the decoration master. What do you think? Recently, some businesses in Fuding City revealed to this newspaper that when decorators bought building materials from businesses, they demanded kickbacks, which not only kidnapped businesses, but also hurt owners

● phenomenon

merchants don't give rebates, decorators don't buy

"once, a cement master went to my friend's shop to buy a solar heat pump and asked for a rebate. Then the electrician of the same landlord said he would also ask for a rebate. He counted that a solar energy that could have been sold for more than 1000 was asked for a rebate by two masters, which virtually increased by more than 500 yuan. It couldn't be sold at all, so he had to refuse to sell." Xu Zong, a wood board operator in Shanqian street, Fuding City, told reporters that many owners asked the decoration team to construct when decorating their houses, and the decorators asked the merchants for rebates when purchasing building materials. If they didn't give them, they wouldn't buy them

according to the survey, most of the customers who buy building materials in the building materials store are construction personnel involved in various building materials products, such as water and electricity, carpentry, paint, bricklaying, etc., and few owners buy them in person. After these decorators agreed on the salary, the owners entrusted the decorators to buy decoration materials because they didn't know the meaning of building materials or in order to save worry. When they go to the building materials store to buy building materials, they will agree with the merchants a certain proportion of rebate. If the merchants do not give rebates, they will not buy, but buy from other merchants with rebates. Often a master contracts several house decoration projects, and many businesses are forced to give rebates due to business solicitation

● insider

the rebate ratio is surprisingly high

"the rebate for buying wood is more than 18%, the paint is more, and some get a rebate of several thousand yuan, which is more than the salary. For example, a piece of wood, from the purchase to the merchant to extract a certain proportion of profits, is about 150 yuan. The master proposed to ask for a rebate of about 18%, which means that the wood sold to the owner will cost 175 yuan. The master earned a rebate of 25 yuan." Mr. Xu said that the rebate of paint is more. For a house of about 100 square meters, only paint can obtain more than 6000 yuan

according to a person engaged in decoration business, some masters tend to report the demand as much as possible when purchasing building materials, such as latex paint. Originally, 5 barrels were enough, and the decoration personnel may prescribe 7 barrels. In this way, they can get more commission when buying. Try to waste the surplus emulsion paint. When calculating the area of the house, some masters deliberately increase the area, but the actual area of materials is not so much, so the masters can earn the material cost of the difference

● investigation

passing inferior goods for good deceives the owner

"if it's more expensive, it's worth buying good products, and often some masters rely on the landlord's unprofessional, originally claiming to buy high-quality building materials from the landlord, but what they buy back is replaced by inferior products. If the landlord doesn't care seriously, he can't distinguish it." Mr. Zhang, who deals in ceramic tiles (decoration renderings), said that, for example, ceramic tiles are divided into three grades: excellent, first-class and qualified in the market, and the difference between excellent and first-class building materials is relatively small, and the price difference is often relatively high. When buying, the master conspired with the merchants to replace excellent products with first-class products, so as to earn a huge rebate

general manager Zhang said that since the price of building materials is still relatively transparent, as long as the owner goes to the market to inquire in person, shop around, or go to big cities to understand the price of some of the same products, it is often clear at a glance. However, in order to prevent the price gap between the same building materials and the same city from being too large in the market, many masters take the way of shoddy to deceive the owners. However, the quality of building materials such as ceramic tiles, paints and wood boards will directly affect human health. "Many owners thought that they would spend more money to let the master buy some good building materials, but what decorates the home is harmful to health." Zhang said

● tips

buy in person to prevent "kickbacks"

"in fact, as long as the owner knows more about the basic knowledge of building materials, and then buy building materials in person, it is still very easy to buy building materials with affordable price and good quality." Mr. Xu said that the most important thing is for the owners to know more about the market. If they don't know the market situation, they can write down the code of the same product, and then ask more stores. It's best to know some prices in Fuzhou, Wenzhou and other big cities, so as to understand the market situation

in addition, when purchasing building materials, owners had better buy well-known brand products, and pay attention to reading the product test report. There is a large gap between submission and sampling inspection in the test report, and the test report of general sampling inspection is relatively guaranteed. The price gap between different brands of the same grade is not large

the reporter learned from Fujian Dingping law firm that at present, there is no clear legal provision in national laws and regulations on the rebate of the decoration industry. If the owner has clear evidence to prove that the master ate the rebate, he can complain to the industrial and commercial department or sue the court for refund





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