Collar embroidered wall cloth immersed in dark blu

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The blue, which overflows the deep sea, is embedded in the bright present, close at hand, gorgeous and gorgeous, emitting dazzling light, which is irresistible. So, you were captured by this light, so easy, fell in love with such a home

the quiet blue of the deep sea

is embedded in the bright present

close at hand

and gorgeous

sends out dazzling light


so, you are captured by this light

so easily

fell in love with such a home

fluffy green

collar embroidery wall cloth has inherited the first of the four famous embroideries - Su.The needlework, color transition and expression of embroidery are flexible and lively, Rich patterns and a wide range of themes; Taking the manual Suzhou embroidery as the original for plate making, and producing it in an industrialized way, the products are exquisite

(source: collar embroidery wall cloth)




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