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Now, there are often safety accidents on the construction site. Many potential safety hazards pose a great threat to the personal safety of the construction personnel on the construction site, and there are often construction personnel who encounter potential safety hazards, but do not know who should be responsible for the loss, who should be responsible for the loss, and who should give justice to the construction personnel who are injured or, more seriously, lose their lives. In order to prevent such phenomena and disputes, it is necessary to draw up a construction safety agreement before construction. This can not only give the construction personnel a certain safety guarantee, but also ensure the safety of the construction environment and the normal process of construction

the construction safety agreement is an agreement drawn up by the contractor and the employer of the project on a voluntary basis based on the principle of equality. The main purpose of drawing up the construction safety agreement is to ensure the personal safety of the construction personnel in the process of construction, and to completely eliminate the danger and threat in the cradle at its embryonic stage. Now let's take a look at the contents of the project construction safety agreement

Introduction to the contents of the construction safety agreement

the first content of the construction safety agreement is to make a general introduction to the basic situation of the project, including the name and address of the project and the scale and scope of the project

the second content of the construction safety agreement is to make a clear provision for the validity period of the agreement. The limited period of general construction safety agreement is up to the last moment of construction, which is synchronized with construction

the third content of the construction safety agreement is to clarify the safety responsibilities of the project employer. The employer shall ask relevant institutions to conduct a preliminary review on the qualification and conditions of the project. After this review and passing the review, relevant bidding and tendering can be held for the project. In addition, the contractor of the project shall be subject to certain qualification examination to check whether he has the relevant qualification of winning the bid of the project, to see whether the arrangement of his construction personnel meets the requirements of the safe development of the project, and to carry out certain safety inspection on his equipment and instruments, so as to clarify the safe operation process of the project

The fourth content of the construction safety agreement is to clarify the safety responsibilities of the project contractor. From the initial allocation of construction personnel to the completion of the construction, it must comply with the relevant national regulations on construction safety, minimize the risk factor in the construction process, and minimize the potential safety hazards

the last content of the construction safety agreement is to make a provision for the treatment method of safety responsibility in the construction process, and also has relevant provisions for the damage of machinery and equipment in the construction process

model of project construction safety agreement

Party A:

Party B:

in accordance with the relevant national regulations and the requirements of the contract documents, in order to ensure the realization of the control objectives of the project department and earnestly implement the safety responsibilities, after consultation between Party A and Party B, Party A uses part of Party B's labor and mechanical equipment during the construction of the project parts undertaken by the project department. On the premise that Party A is responsible for controlling the safety management, Party B shall manage its internal work safety. The safety production agreement reached by both parties is now clear as follows:

I. Party A's rights, responsibilities and obligations

1. Party A shall carry out comprehensive safety management and supervision on Party B's construction site, and inspect and guide the temporary power safety on the construction site

2. If Party B's construction personnel are found to have illegal operations, they should be corrected in time and investigated and dealt with in accordance with relevant regulations, and a notice should be issued for major potential safety hazards at Party B's construction site

3. Establish and improve the safety production management system on the construction site

4. Party B's safety production training, danger prediction and labor protection will give you leading opinions on the use of tools, and supervise the implementation

5. Actively provide assistance to Party B's safety production requirements

6. When providing power to Party B, it shall go through the handover and acceptance procedures with Party B

7. Party B must be ordered to make corrections if it is found that there are hidden dangers in the temporary use of electricity. And supervise the implementation of rectification

8. File the list of Party B's special operation personnel, copies of operation certificates and training records

II. Party A's rights, responsibilities and obligations

1. Abide by the provisions and management system of construction safety, and establish a sound safety system. Be fully responsible for the temporary electricity management of the construction environment

2. Obey the safety production management of Party A

3. Party B must take out personal accident insurance for construction workers

4. If Party B causes production safety accidents and casualties, Party B shall bear the accident responsibility and economic responsibility

5. Personnel without safety production education and training and without certificates are not allowed to work

III. rights, responsibilities and obligations of Party B

1 Party B must abide by the safety production terms and strictly follow the safety hype procedures

2. Party B's personnel entering the construction site must abide by the safety production system and safety regulations formulated by Party A

3. Party B must hang safety warning signs according to the actual situation at the construction site, and correct and deal with illegal operations in time

4. During the implementation of the project contract by Party B, all safety shall be borne by Party B, which has nothing to do with Party A. if Party B purchases accident insurance for each construction personnel, the cost shall be borne by Party B

5. If Party B's tools, equipment and construction are not suitable for safety regulations, resulting in casualties of Party A or a third party of Party B, Party B shall be responsible for the losses, and Party B shall report it, organize investigation and accept treatment

6. Party B's special operation personnel must work with certificates, and one party must have a special person responsible for safety inspection

7. Party B's erection of temporary wires to connect power supply and other operations can only be carried out with the approval of the relevant units. Party A has the right to check it in accordance with the agreement. In case of violations, Party A has the right to request to stop the operation, and its losses shall be borne by Party B

IV. environmental requirements on the construction site

1 Covering measures must be taken during the decoration and transportation of fine particle materials at the construction site

2. The closed oil depot lamp set at the construction site must be waterproof, and the capacity must be careful not to leak. Inflammables and explosives cannot be placed outdoors

3. Effective noise reduction measures must be taken for mechanical construction at the construction site

4. In places prone to dust, construction personnel must wear masks and take measures to reduce dust to ensure the health of construction personnel

v. others

1. This agreement will take effect when the representatives of both parties sign and affix the official seal of the company, and will terminate when the project is completed and accepted

2. This agreement is made in quadruplicate: Party A holds three copies and Party B holds one copy

Party A: Party B:

Party A's representative: Party B's representative:

signing time: signing time:

editor's summary: the above is the relevant knowledge of the model project construction safety agreement brought to you today. I hope to help friends with this need! Although the construction safety agreement may be only a few thin pieces of paper, its connotation and responsibility are very huge





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