Decoration of restricted areas and sensitive areas

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Decoration "forbidden areas" and "sensitive areas"

there are many "forbidden areas" in family decoration. These "forbidden areas" cannot be demolished and destroyed in the process of decoration, otherwise the integrity of the building will be destroyed and danger will be brought to you and your neighbors; Other parts of the room are "sensitive areas", so you'd better not make changes. If you really need to make changes, you should invite professionals to construct

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the "forbidden zone" of decoration

bearing wall

many people know that the bearing wall cannot be removed or modified in decoration. But not many people can tell what kind of wall is a load-bearing wall. Generally, in buildings with "brick concrete" structure, all prefabricated slab walls cannot be demolished or opened; Brick walls more than 24 cm are also load-bearing walls, which cannot be demolished or modified. The walls with "empty sound" when knocked are mostly non load-bearing walls, which can be removed and modified. In addition, someone opens the door and windows on the load-bearing wall, which will also damage the load-bearing of the wall, which is also not allowed

if you want to demolish and change the walls in the house during decoration, you'd better ask someone from the construction profession to see if it is a load-bearing wall before construction. Before construction, it should be reported to the property management department for filing, and construction can be carried out only after approval

steel bars in the wall

if the structure of the house is compared with the body of an adult, the steel bars in the wall are human bones and muscles. If the reinforcement is damaged when the pipeline is buried, the bearing capacity of the wall and floor will be affected. In case of earthquake, such walls and floors are easy to collapse or fracture

beams and columns in the room

these beams and columns are used to support the upper floor slab. After removal, the upper floor slab will fall down, so it cannot be moved

the low wall beside the balcony

generally, there are one door and one window on the wall between the room and the balcony. These doors and windows can be removed, but the wall below the window cannot be moved. This section of wall is called "counterweight wall", which acts as a weight to lift the balcony. Dismantling this wall will reduce the bearing capacity of the balcony and cause the balcony to fall

"three proofs" or "five proofs" door

the door frame of these doors is embedded in concrete. If they are demolished, the building structure will be damaged and the safety factor will be reduced. Moreover, the building structure of the door is destroyed, and it is more difficult to reinstall the new door

waterproof layers in toilets and kitchens

there are waterproof layers under the ground in these places. If damaged, the downstairs will become a "water curtain hole". So when you change the ground materials, be sure not to damage the waterproof layer. If it is rebuilt after damage, the "24-hour closed water test" must be carried out, that is, water should be poured into the kitchen or bathroom. If there is no leakage after 24 hours, it will be considered qualified

the "sensitive area" in the decoration

the squatting pan in the bathroom

some old houses use the old squatting pan. If you want to replace it with a squatting pan, you must be careful. Because squatting toilets are generally launched in the front, while sitting toilets are generally launched in the rear. So changing the toilet means changing the sewer. This kind of construction is difficult, and the original waterproof layer must be destroyed. If the installation is improper, either the water seeps downstairs or the toilet doesn't go into the water

heating and gas pipelines

the installation and demolition of gas pipelines must be carried out by the professional construction personnel of the gas company. The decoration company cannot "do it for others" and cannot cover water meters, electricity meters and gas meters during decoration. You should also be cautious about heating and heating pipes, because the location of heating in the room directly affects the indoor temperature in winter. If the demolition and modification are improper, either the heating is affected or the heating runs away

original steel windows

some residents changed aluminum alloy windows because the original steel windows were not good-looking. At present, a small number of decoration companies use small-size profiles for the sake of cheapness, or simply shoddy, so the firmness of some aluminum alloy windows is far inferior to that of steel windows. Such aluminum alloy windows are easy to fall off, especially in high-rise buildings

building materials that cannot be used in decoration

polluting materials cannot be used

some materials contain chemicals harmful to human body, so these materials cannot be used. But at present, most of the decorative materials are synthetic products, which more or less always contain a little of these substances. Therefore, you should choose natural materials as much as possible, and open doors and windows for ventilation for a week after decoration

do not use heavy materials

according to relevant regulations, natural stones with a thickness of more than 1 cm are not allowed to be used in home decoration

the above are some places that cannot be demolished or modified or need to be careful in decoration. When you negotiate the design scheme with the decoration company, you must pay more attention to this aspect to avoid bringing danger to yourself and your neighbors





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