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Sugar and salt packaging: carton packaging is the trend

if there is a gap, replace it in time

sugar and salt packaging: carton packaging is the trend

it is said that China lacks experience and data accumulation system in terms of structural design, material selection and process manufacturing. The way is to buy salt home and then repack it into containers, which is no longer in line with the requirements of modern packaging. The usual plastic bags have poor recloseability. Although the zipper bag can partially solve this problem, it will be difficult to use when particles are mixed in the zipper slot for a long time. Foreign salt product packaging has been inclined to this, which is also the trend of flavoring salt packaging in China

the packaging of sugar is still mainly plastic bags, but the development trend is obviously towards paper bag packaging. First, paper bags are more in line with environmental requirements; Another point is that the functionality of paper is not what it used to be. It has good moisture resistance, printability and high strength. However, it seems that no efforts have been made in the packaging design of sugar and salt in China at present, perhaps because the appearance is still very monotonous due to cost constraints. If there are some brightly colored sugar or packaging designs in addition to the development and production of material salt with low global warming potential, it will be more acceptable to consumers

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