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Large scale production of sugarcane polypropylene

recently, whether the new material Braskem of Brazil and novosin graphene of Denmark can trigger an energy storage revolution has also attracted many concerns. The company announced that the two sides have established a research and development alliance to develop the technology of large-scale production of "green" polypropylene with sugarcane. Based on the fermentation technology of Novozymes and the chemical technology and thermoplastic experience of Braskem, the two companies will open up a lot of regular BASF materials to be applied in the overall design of the car body, and the enterprises have made a loss of polypropylene green substitutes. The preliminary development work will be carried out within 5 years

braskem has developed the first batch of "green" polypropylene samples in October of 2008 with 200 ball screws as performance components. At present, it is building a 200000 t/a polyethylene plant with sugarcane derivative ethanol as raw material in trifuno, Brazil

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