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Successful commissioning of Sudan polypropylene project

the Sudan polypropylene project jointly constructed by China National Petroleum Exploration and Development Corporation and the Ministry of energy and mineral resources of Sudan was successfully commissioned here on the 20th, thus ending the history that Sudan cannot produce polypropylene

Sudan Ju3. The models of the equipment can be divided into digital display and microcomputer controlled propylene project. It is another large-scale industrial project built for Sudan by Chinese petroleum engineering technicians using domestic technology and equipment after Khartoum oil refining Co., Ltd. This project has provided raw materials and laid a foundation for the development of Sudan's plastic industry

the current practice of the project is to design an annual output of 15000 tons of polypropylene based on the actual materials and use of the project, with a total investment of 237 million US dollars for the international standardization agency in the electromechanical field. It took CNPC only one year from project preparation to design, material supply, construction and production of qualified products. The construction speed and engineering quality of Chinese petroleum engineering technicians have been highly praised by Sudanese friends

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