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We must pay attention to the feng shui of new house decoration

designers learn "home feng shui"

"in fact, it is the owners who pay more attention to Feng Shui." A designer from American home furnishing studio said that some owners asked "feng shui masters" to intervene in the design in advance, while others asked "masters" to check and accept when the project was about to be completed. As long as the "master" puts forward his opinions, the owners do not hesitate to waste financial and material resources to redecorate. The designer said that he has now begun to buy books to learn "knowledge" about "home feng shui", which can not only avoid "useless work", but also be more easily recognized and satisfied by the owners, "money can be made easier"

wardrobe mirror leads to "Feng Shui" dispute

Mr. Lin's bedroom has a four door wardrobe, of which the panels of two side doors are mirrors, which is convenient for dressing and looking at the mirror. The neighbor's building is side by side with Mr. Lin's building, and the living room is facing the Lin's bedroom. The neighbor found Mr. Lin several times and asked to replace the mirror of the wardrobe with ordinary plates. The neighbor's reason is: your mirror is facing my living room. This is a "magic mirror" and "Ke" my "Feng Shui"

"feng shui master" takes the initiative to visit the door

although there are still a few Beijingers who take the initiative to invite "Mr. Feng Shui", in fact, many urbanites are paying more and more attention to the saying of "Feng Shui", which makes some people "take advantage of the fire"

it is reported that now some people go to the newly-built residential areas to "visit" the owners who are decorating. As soon as they enter the door, they talk about how bad the Feng Shui in the owner's house is, and say, "as long as you give money, you will be given a broken trick". As a result, owners often pay for ping an out of the mentality of "believing in what they have rather than what they don't have"

there are different views on Feng Shui

an architectural critic at Tsinghua University holds a negative view on Feng Shui: Feng Shui is based on Yi ology. There are many intelligent things in the book of changes, but can a Book 2000 years ago manage the architectural planning 2000 years later? The study of Feng Shui can only be regarded as a historical phenomenon, not as a science

a professor of "Feng Shui" at Tianjin University believes that Feng Shui can be preserved for thousands of years because "Qi" and "water" are summarized after long-term practice and thinking. Feng Shui takes the house as a part of the earth organism and emphasizes the harmony between architecture and nature and the surrounding environment. In a sense, Feng Shui is consistent with architectural ecology

although experts have different opinions, there is one thing in common: after all, there are superstitions and dross in Feng Shui. Even if there is science in it, it is by no means easy for "Mr. Feng Shui" to master. The view of architect wangguixiang will be more persuasive in curbing the spread of urban new Superstition: Feng Shui has little significance for modern architecture, mainly because the concept of modern architecture is different from that of tradition, and the sense of space is also different. Compared with the ancient Grand space, the space of modern people is too narrow

foreigners have also written Feng Shui books

with the increasing "Feng Shui consciousness" of urban people, more and more "Feng Shui books" have been written for "Feng Shui", including professors of architecture in famous universities and foreign designers. A small album of home feng shui by foreign authors, foreign copyrights and "imported edition" also ranked among the best sellers. The photos in this book are all western decorations, but the "feng shui theory" is very "Chinese"

according to Mr. Wu, the British Royal architect, Britain and other European countries have also talked about feng shui. There are many "Mr. Yang Feng Shui". Some enterprises even invite "Mr. Feng Shui" from Hong Kong to give advice when building or decorating





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