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Many phenomena indicate that in order to advance the popularity and recognition of product brands, the general practice of many companies is to invite stars to do endorsements, offer discounts on festivals, advertising, etc. Although these practices can see some effects in a short time, the original can not be recognized by consumers at all, and even reduce the superiority of the brand in the hearts of consumers to some extent. So more pragmatic, in order to rise steadily and slowly, is the right way to build the company's brand

actively developing product brands with competitive advantages is the key

after establishing the company's brand, we should also actively develop product brands with competitive advantages to meet the diverse needs of consumers with different habits. In this process, the most important thing is innovation. Although doors and windows belong to the traditional manufacturing industry, it is undoubtedly very risky for a company not to understand the expansion of the era of thinking about change and habits, because its journey will be full of fatigue. If door and window companies want to transform, they must need innovation. A serious defect in China's door and window work is "light innovation, heavy imitation". The lack of breaking is difficult to improve the competitiveness of product brands, because it will seriously affect the progress of the company's overall quality

door and window companies can't be complacent. They need to learn actively.

door and window work can't be complacent. They must actively explore the world market. At the same time, they also need to learn from excellent foreign companies to further improve the quality of products. The reason why German doors and windows rank first in the world is that as peers, their success, their innovation ability, design ability and differentiation are very worthy of our study




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