Kaiyang wooden door, a wooden door worth 1399 yuan

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Today, Amway, a wooden door worth 1399 yuan, perfectly interprets the dual requirements of modern quality users for function and beauty

when choosing a partner, we always hope that the other party can have the advantages of high appearance, tenderness and filial piety, understanding, getting into the hall, getting into the kitchen and so on. In fact, the same is true of wooden doors. In addition to its fashionable appearance, we also hope that it is durable, safe and environmentally friendly, and the price is beautiful...

the wooden door Amway is giving you today has these advantages. It can be said that it perfectly explains the dual requirements of a modern quality user group for function and beauty

in design - simple lines are wrapped around each other, creating an atmospheric and fashionable hierarchical shape; The versatile neutral color of gray + white makes the whole door look simple but not simple, and the decorative effect is excellent

details - this door is 45mm thick and has good sound insulation effect; The whole door leaf adopts the hot-melt seamless seam technology, which makes the overall feeling of the door leaf more beautiful

in terms of environmental protection - excellent + water-based zero paint door is framed with high-quality fir, and the balance layer adopts E1 grade fiberboard, which is coated with high-end environment-friendly water-based PVC film, with perfect skin feeling and no odor. The door pocket line also adopts solid wood technology, which means that you can live immediately after installation

price - quality cannot be absent, and some discounts are the same. On May Day, kaiyangmumen launched the theme action of "saluting workers with greener doors". At present, the price of this wooden door is only 1399 yuan! Such a cost-effective wooden door, it is really who buys it and who earns it ~

-- appreciation of real objects ―

in addition to this excellent + water-based zero paint door, this may day, we also selected some modern and fashionable painted wooden doors for you. Is there any one you like

time of activity: from now on - May 4

place of activity: kaiyangmen all terminal stores

more preferential prices, welcome to the store for consultation ~

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