Advantages and precautions of decoration in spring

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The Spring Festival is about to pass in the blink of an eye. How are the decoration owners preparing to start or resume work in the spring? Maybe there are many people who don't know the benefits of spring decoration. Let's review the advantages and precautions of spring decoration. After finishing, I found that there are many advantages of spring decoration. Come and have a look

I. decoration advantages in spring:

1 The end of the year is the off-season of the home decoration industry. At this time, both the construction team and designers have relatively loose time, which can provide consumers with more choices. After selecting the designer, we can have more time to provide the spatial layout planning scheme for the owner than before, which is conducive to the preliminary planning and preparation. After the technicians return to Chengdu during the Spring Festival, we can continue the construction immediately to avoid the peak decoration period in the Spring Festival

2. Price advantage is obvious

the end of the year is a low season, so most businesses will choose to do activities to vigorously promote sales. Some manufacturers also began to take advantage of this round of decoration to launch new products with higher quality, and launch new discounts. During this period, consumers can not only experience the new feeling brought by new products, but also save decoration costs

3. The quality of foundation works is better

the cement mortar at the electrical trunking has a long initial setting time and will not crack, so as to prevent the hollowing of wall tiles and the cracking of wall surfaces

4. Acceptance is more assured

it is convenient for the acceptance of waterproof conditions in the housing structure. The rain in spring is more than that in other seasons, so it is convenient to check and prevent water seepage in the windowsill, inner wall and roof of the house during the decoration of the Spring Festival. If the inspection is stopped during the Spring Festival and the acceptance is started after the festival, the waterproof quality can be better reflected

5. The temperature and humidity are just right

the temperature and humidity are very moderate in spring. The wood products and gypsum products used in the decoration of the Spring Festival are not easy to deform and crack after completion. Because the temperature and humidity are appropriate, the mortar and cement used to paste ceramic tiles are not easy to lose the label, and the ceramic tiles are pasted more firmly. The paint and emulsion paint brushed during construction volatilize and dry faster, and the smoothness of brushing is better

6. Moderate moisture content of wood

is conducive to controlling the moisture content of wood materials. Generally, if the moisture content of wood exceeds the standard, the change of thermal expansion and cold contraction is obvious, which will affect the construction quality. For example, doors made in summer are easy to loosen and crack in winter; The door made in winter cannot be closed in rainy season. The weather in spring is warm, windows can be opened for ventilation, and the paint volatilizes quickly. The general construction period can be shortened by threeorfour days compared with summer construction

II. Precautions for decoration in spring:

1 During the holiday shutdown, close the electric gate, water gate and doors and windows in the decorated room. Once finishing is carried out, it is easy to produce pungent smell due to poor ventilation during holidays, so the work of painting and other aspects should be minimized. In addition, the owner should also agree on the rework time with the construction team

2. When painting, the indoor temperature shall not be lower than 5 ℃. Once it is below this temperature, the drying process after painting will be very slow

3. The air is too dry in spring, and many construction materials are flammable and explosive products, which have potential safety hazards, so we must do a good job in fire prevention and disaster prevention

4. It is humid in spring. The humidity in plum rain season is also very high, so it is necessary to do a good job in waterproof and moisture-proof, especially in the south, which is prone to return to the south

5. It is windy and dusty in spring. Remember to prevent sand and dust from entering the decoration site when opening windows for ventilation, so as not to cause difficulties in the decoration work




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